How to Craft High-Converting Facebook Ads and Scale Your Ad Spend Without Blowing Your Budget

Facebook Ads Mastery Workshop for Coaches & Consultants!

What Will You Learn?

Find Your Perfect Customers

Discover how to reach the people who’ll love what you offer.

With my special ChatGPT prompts, you can whip up ad texts and video scripts super fast—over 10 times faster!

It’s all about getting your message to the right folks without wasting time.

Simplify A/B Testing

Figure out which ads work best without the headache.

This crucial step is key to your success, and you’ll discover a streamlined weekly process that’s straightforward and easy to implement.

My approach simplifies A/B testing, making it accessible for everyone to consistently improve their ads.

Scale Without Overspending

Learn how to show your ads to more people and get them excited about what you offer, all while keeping an eye on your budget.

I’ll teach you how to reach new folks and warm them up to your business, so they’re ready to jump in. It’s about growing your reach without emptying your wallet.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Workshop Breakdown

Ad Creation
  • Ad Text: Capture Your Dream Customer
  • ChatGPT Ad Text Workshop
  • ChatGPT Video Script Workshop
  • How to Create Image Ads with Canva
  • How to Film and Edit Simple Video Ads
A/B Testing
  • Ad Campaign Structure
  • Ads Manager Settings
  • Setting Up & Running A/B Test Ads
  • How to Analyze Ad A/B Test Results
Scaling Strategies
  • How to Scale Your Ad Campaigns
  • Warm Audience Retargeting Campaign
  • Warm Audience Nurture Campaign

About Me

Hi, I'm Samuli Jeskanen.

Over 10 years, I've learned a lot about Facebook and Instagram ads – some of it the hard way. Though I've managed to generate 8 million in sales with less than 2 million in ad spend, I look back and see how I could've saved even more with the tricks I've picked up along the way.

I'm passionate about helping others turn their know-how into digital success without making the same mistakes I did. As we dive into 2024, I'm here to share straightforward, effective advertising strategies that work for digital products.

Join me on this journey to success, and let's unlock the full potential of your digital expertise, making every click count.


Here are screenshots from last year, illustrating how a shift to Advanced Shopping Campaigns helped streamline ad spending for our digital product business, leading to a solid overall ROI.

Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns 2023

This screenshot is from the Facebook Ads Manager, showing the performance of our digital product business over the last year. Additionally, approximately €20,000 was spent on Google Ads.

Shopify Sales 2023

This screenshot shows the sales from our Shopify store that we achieved with that ad spend.

Earlier results

This screenshot showcases my best and craziest results. While not typical, it demonstrates that when everything aligns— the ad, the ad copy, and especially the product and offer—Facebook ads can deliver significant outcomes. :)

However, these results were achieved with physical products, so there were considerable additional costs beyond just the ads.


What Skills Will I Gain from the Ad Mastery Workshop?

You'll learn to craft and scale high-performing Facebook ads specifically for digital products, such as courses, or for selling your services. This includes writing engaging ad copy, creating the perfect video script, designing eye-catching visuals, AB testing, and effectively scaling your campaigns. Tailored to ensure you start seeing results FAST—potentially even on the same day—this course also offers ChatGPT prompts for ad copy creation and video ad scripting. These prompts can make the process 10x faster and often yield better results.

Is This Workshop Suitable for Complete Beginners?

Absolutely! While this workshop is crafted to cater to learners at all stages, it's important to note that it assumes you have your Facebook Pixel installed, as the course does not cover pixel installation due to the vast variety of platforms out there. The focus is primarily on crafting high-performing ads, A/B testing, and scaling campaigns effectively. So, if you're new to Facebook advertising but are ready to dive deep and learn quickly, you can start creating impactful ad campaigns almost immediately. Just ensure your pixel setup is complete beforehand to track and optimize your campaigns effectively.

How Quickly Can I Complete the Workshop and Start Running Ads?

The workshop is quick and to the point. You can finish it in a few days, and if you're ready to learn, you can start running your ads on the same day you start the course.

Where Can I Get Support and Ask Questions?

Join my free Skool community at Skool - Monetize Your Influence. It's a great place to ask questions and get feedback from me and the others from the community. You're welcome to join even before you purchase the course.

Can These Advertising Strategies Be Applied Across Different Sales Platforms?

Absolutely. While the focus is on Facebook and Instagram ads, the advertising principles you'll learn are versatile and can be adapted for various sales platforms. For example, with the Video Ad Script Generator, you can create videos that will work just as well on TikTok or YouTube!

What If I'm Not Satisfied with the Workshop?

I stand behind the value this workshop offers. However, if you find it doesn't meet your needs, I offer a satisfaction guarantee. Feel free to reach out within the first 30 days for a full refund. Your success and satisfaction are my top priorities.

Facebook Ads Mastery Workshop for

Coaches & Consultants

What You Get

  • Speedy Content Creation: Access exclusive ChatGPT prompts that let you craft ad texts and video scripts up to 10 times faster. Say goodbye to long hours of brainstorming – get your ads out there quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy A/B Testing Guide: Learn a no-fuss method to test and find your best-performing ads. My step-by-step process ensures you can easily enhance your ad strategy, leading to better engagement and more sales with less effort.
  • Effective Scaling Techniques: Discover how to expand your audience without draining your budget. I’ll teach you the secrets to attracting new customers and warming them up to your offers, ensuring they're ready to buy. This means more growth for your business with careful spending.

When you click the button, you will be redirected to my paid Skool community page where this course and more helpful information are hosted. You will make the payment there.

Step-by-step guides for creators and coaches who aspire to monetize their expertise and build successful online businesses.

- Samuli Jeskanen

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